Absorb Dry Series

The new generation of desiccant
During shipping and storage process the container and goods inside are permanently exposed to extreme climatic conditions. Especially on the high seas we have high temperature fluctuations. Through temperature fluctuations condensation water forms inside, that may cause harm to your goods.

To prevent this from happening, we use our new generation of desiccant, to reduce the moisture inside the container and to protect the goods from damage, mildew and corrosion.
Purpose of usage
Desiccants are used to avoid moisture on shipment and storage of container.
They protect your goods from mildew, corrosion, rust, moisture, deformation and spoilage.
Scope of application
  • Agricultural products: grain, potato, vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Wood products: furniture, veneer, paper, etc.
  • Electronic devices: IC, PCB, LED, circuit boards, electrical goods, cables, etc.
  • Leather products: clothing, handbags, shoes, furniture, etc.
  • Metal goods: sheets, spools, machines, cars, etc.
  • Fabrics : clothing, handbags, etc.
  • Warehouse and container
Absorb Dry Series desiccants are efficient and lasting, and the extremely quick moisture absorption ensures an optimal degree of humidity. The water intake is up to 5 times higher as bentonite or silica gel. The maximum operating time is about 90 days at maximum absorption.
Our desiccants work perfectly under the conditions of temperature range from -10°C bis 80°C and a relative humidity from 10% up to 99%.

Absorb Dry I und III turns into a gel and Absorb Dry II into a solid mass after absorption. This ensures that the leakage of water is prevented, what is one of the essential differences between Absorb Dry and the traditional desiccant like silica gel.
The water intake of Absorb Dry III is up to 200% and of Absorb Dry I even up to 300%.

The desiccants Absorb Dry II are part of our latest development and they are an economical and eco-friendly alternative to bentonite and silica gel.
Following devices were specially developed for specific industries:

  • 2in1 -> desiccant including mould protection for clothing and leather industry
  • lamp desiccant -> perfect solutions for automotive industry

The raw material used is non-toxic, pollution-free and food safe. Our products do not contain dimethyl fumarate and cobalt chloride. Topcod Absorb Dry Series desiccant is made from plant extracts, natural mineral materials and food-grade raw material. It does not contain chemical synthetic material and harmful substances. This product can be completely degraded in 3-6 month in the natural environment. It is produced in full compliance with the EU RoHS & REACH and other standards.